NEON Calls you Partners
NEON is developed to connect our partners with their customers.
With NEON, your business will continue to grow as we advance for your customers.
NEON assists the partners in taking the next step toward success.
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Isn’t it too hard to do online marketing?
NEON understands that it’s tough to find your marketing target you want to reach through Social Media or other online media.

You can easily find your marketing targets and reach them directly by sending them promotional messages.
Isn’t it too hard to do online marketing?
No need for money to register your store!
No need for money to register your store!
If you’re curious about who will be interested in your store, just use NEON.
You can upload your store information + photos yourself, and inform gourmets of your store without any cost.

Opening and managing a store website is cumbersome and expensive, right? Use NEON’s store information page as your store website for any purpose!

What Services Does Your Business Need?

Everything you need from a restaurant reservation system. Allow guests to book from anywhere, at any time.
QR Queue
Diners are free to roam around the surrounding area rather than waiting in line, which increases customer satisfaction.
Mobile Queue
Eliminate the physical line and take customer satisfaction to the next level with Singapore's smartest Queue Management System.
Marketing Message
Your marketing based on NEON's user data has the most reliable marketing effect while saving money for sure.
Do a promotion or a deal on the user-participating platform NEON, not on ordinary restaurant platforms.
NEON provides you with insight into customer behavior before, during, and after a visit to your store.
FREE $50 Credit
ONLY for New Sign-Ups
Equivalent services to $50
100 Cases Booking
When 4 pax per case
500 Messages
Number of Visitors
New sign-ups will receive a $50 credit. This $50 credit is equivalent to a total of 100 booking services, or a total of 500 text messages sent to customers. It’s your decision to choose a service to use this $50 credit to your heart’s content and fall in love with NEON!

Does This Price Make Sense?
YEAH! It makes sense with NEON!

Company Marketing Message Online Booking Online Queue
Monthly subscription
per each pax
per each pax
Competitor ¢10
Monthly subscription
per each Queue
per each SMS
** 2-3 SMS can be sent per one Queue case
per each message
per each pax
(+ ¢10 per additional SMS)
per each Queue
(+ ¢10 per additional SMS)
** 2-3 SMS can be sent per one Queue case
Limited Offer!
Will charge for the installation fee soon, no installation fee JUST NOW

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